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Benjamin P. Wills

John M. Jamison

Dave R. Turner

This site integrates and leverages a range of desktop and Internet applications and data sources to extend the network to the desktops of our clients.

This appraisal services site provides streamlined services for clients, while also providing our staff with technology integration that allows us to be more effective in our daily operations. Not only can clients place orders and track status, but they can also view and retrieve archived reports, all within a secure log-in environment. The site also provides rich multi-media content for non-lender clients, showing them the benefits of hiring a professional appraiser in an engaging, highly professional presentation format. Going forward, the underlying platform of our site means that we are automatically going to be adding features and capabilities to meet our changing business requirements and keep up with the technology curve in Real Estate. We are a full service Real Estate Appraisal and Consulting firm specializing in valuation of real property. We are a recognized leader in property valuation in the area. Our firm combines a focus on customer service with the utilization of technology to provide clients with the highest quality and fastest delivery times in the market.